5 Best Cash Counting Machine In India (Sept 2021) With Fake Note Detector

Cash counting and sorting takes time. But, a cash counting machine can save your time. Aside from counting, the machine is able to do several other tasks such as, checking whether coins and notes are authentic, sorting banknotes by criteria and, they can also recognize the note that is damaged and needs to be withdrawn.

How does a Cash Counting Machine work?

Most of the cash counting machines require little or no training. Below are a few steps on how the machine works:-

  1. Initially, you have to put the money in the feeding tray.
  2. There is an internal beam in these machines, that counts the number of times the beam of light is interrupted.
  3. In this way, the machine tells how many bills have been counted.
  4. On the other hand, there is a black light that illuminates fluorescent images on real bills, which helps it to detect counterfeit bills.
  5. In this way, the machine is able to count bills and detect counterfeit cash at the same time.

Now, as you know how a cash counting machine works, you’ll also need to know about their features.

Things to Check while Buying a new Cash Counting Machine

The following short guideline includes the main features that you might need prior to making your purchasing decision :-

SPEED AND ACCURACY Speed and accuracy are the most integral part of the machine. You’ll need to buy a machine that counts money at a higher speed thus, bringing in more productivity.

HOPPER CAPACITY – Hopper capacity is the number of notes a cash counting machine can take in at one go. There are counter machines that can take in upto 200 notes at one go, also there are some heavy duty counter machines that can take upto 500 notes.

You may also want to keep an eye on whether the hopper is front or back loaded. Front loaded hoppers have higher capacity and are better at performance.

SIZE AND WEIGHT – Size and weight is are also an important feature, because if your office space is cramped up, it would be recommended to get a compact bill counter. On the other hand, if you are constantly going to move the cash counting machine, you would require a lightweight machine for ease of movement.

MULTI-CURRENCY – This feature is beneficial for those people who deal with more than one currency. The machine counts and even organizes different currencies automatically.

MIXED BILL VALUE DETECTION – Mixed bill value detection is also one of the most important feature. In a standard bill counter, the notes are needed to be pre-sort based on their values such as 10s, 20s, 50s, etc. But some money counters can count notes with mixed values.

Here’s a review of the best cash counting machines.

Top 5 Best Cash Counting Machines in India 2021

Here’s a list of the best reviewed cash counting machine in India.


Ooze note counting machine is one of the leading cash counting machine with fake note detector in India 2021. The display type of this machine is – LCD also, it has a watermark sensor in it.


  1. This machine has several sensors that help in magnetic as well as ultraviolet detection of fake notes.
  2. It has a speed of counting upto 1000 notes per minute.
  3. Ooze note counting machine is one of the best cash counting machine with fake note detector in India.
  4. The capacity of the hopper is 15 mm.
  5. The machine can stop and restart itself automatically.
  6. It also comes with a warranty of one year.


Godrej has a set of fantastic features and is also, the best note counting machine in India.


  1. The size of the machine is medium, which makes it easy to port and carry.
  2. The machine has UV, MG and IR sensors that are highly accurate in detecting counterfeit notes.
  3. The machine is able to count 1000 notes per minute.
  4. It has a TFT display which is easily adjustable.
  5. It has a warranty of one year.


Kores note counting machine can count and detect US Dollars as well as Euros.


  1. The counterfeit notes are detected by MG, UV and IR sensors.
  2. The display changes its colour when the notes are not fed properly in the machine.
  3. It also has an automatic self – checking feature.
  4. The batch function also enables counting massive amounts of notes.
  5. Counting speed is 900 notes per minute.


Dinshi note counting machine is a high speed counting machine with high accuracy.


  1. The stacker has a capacity of 150 notes, and the hooper has a capacity of 100 notes.
  2. It is the best cash counting machine, compared to other counters in the market.
  3. The machine is automatically able to detect fake notes.
  4. It has a large display screen, which enables you to track the count of your money.
  5. For fraud detection it has UV and MG sensors.


Office Bird machine is available at a very affordable price. It is easy to use and highly resourceful.


  1. The machine has an auto-scan technology, which makes it effortless to identify frauds.
  2. It has a capacity to count 1 to 999 notes in one batch.
  3. This machine is very useful in making bundles of loose cash.

Top 5 Benefits of Having Cash Counting Machine

Below are the advantages of cash counting machine :-

  1. Cash counting machine is capable of counting money at a much faster rate than humans, which saves your time.
  2. It is also able to count bundles of notes in a few minutes.
  3. The machine warns the users with a beep sound if a note is fake, torn or a damaged one.
  4. Cash counting machine gives an accurate result, in a few seconds.
  5. The machine comes with a user-friendly interface, which has been advantageous to commercial establishments and financial sectors, especially banks.

As you got to know about the features, warranty, price and also the benefits it will be easier for you to step into the market and purchase the right machine for you.

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